Chaos Scar

After arriving in Bareth you decided to head towards the local watering role to get the lay of the town. The town constable, Uther Ironhelm, immediately recognized you both as adventurers and immediately described the Bullywug bounty for their bullywug problem in town. He offered 5 GP for each bullywug killed and gave you directions to a ruined keep. He also lent you the ear of a stoic Goliath sorcerer called Oneus Earthmane. Oneus enticed you both with promises of magical awards if you searched the ruins for a specific staff called the staff of earthen might.

Amongst the ruins of the keep you encountered the stench of a few bullywugs mucking around. You quickly dealt with them and noticed a small section of planks hastily overlaid over a small hole that led deeper into the ruins.



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